Here we present our current repertoire :

Un 16 de Julio

On this date, in the town of La Tirana, in northern Chile, meet believers who dance their devotion to the most popular Virgin in the North. In this assembly are the oldest dancing groups and traditions from this celebration (40 min. Approx.).

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El rito en Tarapacá

The expressions from religious northern are manifested in religious singing and dancing to saints and virgins, highlighting the dancing that are taking prominence. All that linked to syncretism that occurred in this area. (50 min. Approx.).

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Tejedoras del desierto

Parallelism that is made between the old virgins of the sun (acllas) and current cuyacas, women dancing in religious festivals in the Far North. (30 min. Approx.)

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Los Pallachatas

The show is based on the legend of two lovers who were turned into volcanoes by God Inti, Both reflect their image on Chungará lake. (20 min. Approx.)

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Nostalgias colchagüinas

It is a tribute from Palomar Group to Los de Ramón. Through this show are presented Raul de Ramón's compositions with dancing and customs from the province of Colchagua. (35 min. Approx.)

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Pascua de negros

Staging which recreates the Easter celebration of black people which each January 6 was made in the local taverns of Rome, province of Colchagua. (30 min. Approx.)

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Maule; entre cielo, mar y cordillera

This beautiful staging takes us through a spatial and temporal course about the various traditional expressions along the Maule River. During different ages and places (75 min. Approx.)

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Huifa Rendija

Rhythms, shapes and styles from different manners of "cueca" in our country, are recreated in a dynamic and colorful assembly. (25 min. Approx.)

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La Zamacueca: en tabladillos, ritos y fiestas

Assembly summarizing years of research made by the pair Loyola-Cádiz about the origins of the dance that has influenced beyond our borders. The work depicts regional variations accounting for the adoption and adaptation of "zamacueca". (50 min. Approx.)

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Recorriendo Chile

Through a journey in geographical order, are presented manifestations of songs and dances from different cultural areas of Chile. (60 min. Approx.)

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Vientos de vida y de muerte

Staging which presents Chiloé people's feeling regarding to their world, their daily tasks, magical beings and the presence of death, in contrast to the joy of their games and dances. (50 min. Approx.)

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De colonos y arrieros

traditional manifestations from Coyhaique, where the greater Patagonia joins Chilean and Argentinian people, leaving behind administrative boundaries. (30 min. Approx.)

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Me Niegan pero Existo

This is a research and artistic creation intended to highlight the importance of our black heritage. (50 min. Approx.)

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Palomarchile. Todos los derechos resevados.
Diseño Gráfico: Francisca Solar y Enrique Olivares
Programacion y gestión: Enrique Olivares.
Año 2011